QuickBooks Error 1935

Resolve QuickBooks Installation Error 1935?

In this world either it is life or any software it will have QuickBooks Installation Error 1935. The only positive side of this is to find solutions and ways out of it. And when the accounting software QuickBooks, you could anytime call or chat with the wonderful and extra-supportive support team of the firm. They get your queries solved when you pose them.

What is QuickBooks installation Error code 1935?

It is one of those messages which you might get elsewhere too. The message displayed is the encounter of QuickBooks with some problems. It closes due to the problem and says the user sorry for the inconvenience.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1935

The cause of this error is the fact that you are trying to install QuickBooks or the Microsoft .NET framework. Once you try this you get the 1935 error.

Another cause of QuickBooks Error 1935 coming up is the presence of some malware preventing applications on your computer. These may block the installation of QuickBooks.

Then it could be a possibility that the installation of the .NET framework is not done properly due to some program preventing it from doing so.

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Effect of QuickBooks Error code 1935:

The only effect is that the software will be unable to work and it will close down.

The simplest message of ‘QuickBooks error 1935’ will get displayed on your screen.

The next effect could be the slow and creepy working of windows when you try to input via the mouse or keyboard.

Or simply your computer may not work for a few seconds and look with the stillness onscreen.

How to resolve the error 1935?

Resolving errors is simple once you are aware of the causes. But sometimes the causes could be internal and technical that you can’t find the exact solution. These are the steps to be followed to resolve your error.

  1. Rebooting your computer and trying to install the program once again may help. This may solve one of the causes of errors.
  2. You could look for the option to stop the malware preventing programs to work for a temporary period. This addresses one of the causes and may allow the installation of the QuickBooks software.
  3. Updating the system’s device drivers may be of some help.
  4. You could run the QuickBooks diagnostic tool. This may address the issue of installation.
  5. You must try to update Microsoft .NET framework to the version you desire. Post this process you will have to start the computer once again and the issue happens to disappear.


Every problem does have a solution and so are those computer software errors. You need to observe it carefully and if possible check the technical aspects. The best thing with these is that every help is available with the helping live chat and support team. They are available round the clock to get any of your errors or issues to deal with. So when in need just go through the above-mentioned steps to resolve your issues or else the QuickBooks Installation Error support team is always there.

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