Learn about QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service?

In this article, we are going to be telling you about QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Services and answer the most frequent questions asked about the same. QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service is a great means of payment that comes in with a variety of benefits. As we read the article, we will come across each of them briefly.

QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service are the key benefits?

  1. Pay bills through bank transfer or check directly from QuickBooks Online
  1. Pay 1099 Vendors/Contractors via bank transfer (ACH) or paper check (QuickBooks Online Plus only)
  2. No requirement for two systems – All-in-one place

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How does QuickBooks work with Bill Pay (powered by Bill.com)?

  1. It permits the users to pay Bills electronically inside QuickBooks Online
  • Pay vendor bills directly from inside QuickBooks Online with ACH (bank transfer) or a paper check.
  • Payment transactions recorded correctly and automatically in QuickBooks Online.
  • Only admin and accountant users who have been asked to make use of the Bill Pay account will have the ability to use the Online Bill Pay in QuickBooks Online.

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What features does Bill Pay add to QuickBooks?

You may pay bills without even leaving the QuickBooks screen. Also, you can keep track of your payment so that you know how much time it is going to acquire to reach you.

What is Bill.com?

Bill.com is a leader in bill payment solutions. They are a group of trusted members belonging to the Intuit partner. All transactions occur via their engine, hence, that is why you tend to see their name a lot in QuickBooks.

 What happens when the trial ends?

When you come close to the trial ends, we will inform you then. In case you are ready to sign up then, it is extremely simple. We will also take you through how to sign them up.

Can you use Bill Pay if we already have a Bill.com account?

Yes, however, your current Bill.com account will not support Bill Pay within QuickBooks Online. You will require to either cancel your Bill.com account or contact Bill.com to have your current Bill.com account unlinked from QuickBooks Online. Once, this task is done, you will then be able to sign up for a Bill Pay account right from within QuickBooks Online. Your current Bill.com account will remain separate from Bill Pay. Learn more if you have an existing Bill.com account.

Is there a separate charge for this monthly service?

There are no separate or monthly charges for this particular subscription fee. However, you will be charged a slight transaction fee for every payment you make.

How do you sign-up for Bill Pay?

In case you notice that the option for a sign-up for the Bill Pay system is unavailable on your QuickBooks Online account, you may use the direct link to Online Bill Pay to sign up.

Note: Accountants cannot sign up for Bill Pay for their customers, however, they may simply make use of the feature on behalf of their clients once their client has set it up.

How is Bill Pay different than your online bank?

Bill Pay permits you to pay right here in QuickBooks Online, select between a bank transfer or check, get full remittance information, and track the payment as it is sent.

Can all QuickBooks Online users pay bills using Bill Pay?

All Administrators (Master and Company) will be able to sign up for Online Bill Pay. Every administrator will need to go through the signup process to use the service. Add a new user to a bank account.

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