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Most Common QuickBooks Online Banking Errors

QuickBooks Online Banking error is recognized in many ways with a series of error codes that may come at different instances or situations. While you are preparing for other bank-related operations in QuickBooks, the users can face several errors. We will elaborate in this article on five major banking errors, what are their signs, and the steps to solve them.

The Common QuickBooks online Banking Errors

Error 102

The Banking Error 102 is common that you might encounter on QuickBooks Online. It would come if the server is under maintenance or there are technical issues such as data transfer issues on the bank website & QB Online. Below given are some suggestions to rectify this issue.

Check account updates in QB online

 Automatic Updates

The exact time of updates is visible through below given steps.

  • Choose – “Banking” from the left menu
  • Select the “Update Button” on the right corner
  • The Date and Time will appear under the “Last Updated” column

Once you are through with the updates, consider the below points as well

  1. Check all “Account Info or ”
  2. Wait for some action or update from the bank
  3. Check and ensure that the account is not “new” to the bank

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The Manual Update

Important- If you are unable to see any problem or maintenance signs on the bank’s website or credit card, then the best choice is to perform a “Manual update” of QuickBooks Online. If you face any difficulty in performing the steps you can take assistance from a technical expert at QuickBooks Online Support Number.

If you see today’s info even after competing the automatic update it’s time to do a “manual update.”

  • Choose “Banking” from the left menu
  • Clear the “Unwanted accounts” if you want to update some of your accounts.
  • Select “Update Now”

Note: If you get a prompt to submit the “Multi-factor” authentication – then select to continue the update. 

Error 103

The error usually comes up when the financial institution’s website does not accept “the sign-in credentials” of QB entered by the user. The error pops up in the form of a simple notification that says “Processing of sign-in request is stopped because of lack of certain update of info.”

To fix this error perform the below steps

  • Select “Re-connect button” that is visible within the error message.
  • Enter the Username & password (physically)
  • Select – “update sign-in” info

Alternatively, you can try to verify the connection by searching the URL or login page of the bank. If the problem persists, it is wise to contact technical support with the below-given info:

  • The “error code ”
  • Your Financial institution’s name
  • The name of the bank selected while accounting set-up
  • Use this website to connect bank & URL after a successful sign-in to a bank account.
  • The Account-type- Is it Personal, business or cash management, etc. 

 Error 108

If “Error 108” is troubling you in QB Online, it simply means that it signifies that some message on the bank website is looking to have a major response from your end. Hence to fix the error you need to login to the site of the financial institution or the bank to either act or dismiss all notifications. Some notification illustrations might be of “The new service terms,” “Site change or maintenance concerned info,” “A new offer” etc. However, if you don’t see any notification, it might happen when you have enabled the pop-up from your side. After the acknowledgment, navigate back to QuickBooks and select “Update” from the “Banking Page.”

 Error 185

The error would come up if the source of login credentials given by you is not clear to the bank or financial institution. In other words, you can say that you may need more info in the form of your credentials. It means, there is a requirement of “additional security requirements” such as OTP, security question, etc. Therefore, providing what is required will suffice the problem and can resolve the error. Though in case of multiple security questions you need to submit the right answers for these questions.

 Error 323

You see this error when two accounts are added with the same name & account number. It can also be a scenario where the same account is added twice. To resolve this issue, disconnect all interactions or online work and go back to your easy accounting. You should try changing the name of one of the accounts to recognize each one uniquely. If the solution does not work, then select the “Report Issue option” that you can find on the right side of the error message.

Usually, it takes around 48 hours to get this issue resolved. We will send the required solution to your mail. This can be a tiring process to complete. To avoid any discrepancies, talk to an expert at QuickBooks Online support number.

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