Moving from QuickBooks for Mac to Desktop Version

Working in Mac is always different from working in Windows. This is applicable for QuickBooks too. QuickBooks Desktop in Windows has many features that are not present in QuickBooks Mac. So many users tend to switch from Mac to Desktop version. QuickBooks Desktop Pro and QuickBooks Desktop Premier are equally beneficial products. You can switch from Mac to any of the desktop products of QuickBooks to make use of all their features at a reliable price.

To move QuickBooks from Mac to the Desktop version you have to perform round-trippingRound-tripping is an operation where you can convert your QuickBooks Desktop for Mac file to a QuickBooks Desktop for Windows file or vice versa. You have to do this because Mac and Windows use different types of databases. You can use the round-tripping either to complete an import or to enable your accountant to make changes on your Mac file. This process is nothing but taking a backup of all your files before you move from the Mac version to the Desktop version.

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Restrictions you must overcome:

There are some restrictions in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows to create a backup form, QuickBooks Mac.

  • The user must log in as an admin to access or start the operation.
  • If prompted to change the password during conversion, the new password must be used all throughout the process to avoid confusion.
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and Windows should have the version released in the same year.
  • You should not update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac once you create a backup for Windows.
  • You should not enter data in your QB for Mac file while converting i, otherwise, you need to re-enter the data when you receive your file back.
  • Avoid processing payroll in the QuickBooks for Windows version of the file. The payroll data will be lost when the file is converted back to QB for Mac since this version does not support internal payroll option.
  • You will not be able to round-trip to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. This is because QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions cannot produce a QuickBooks Desktop for Mac backup.
  • You have to note that some data may or may not be converted due to lack of features in QuickBooks for Mac.

Make a move from Mac version to Desktop version

Now knowing all the restrictions above you are ready to move from the Mac version to the Desktop version. To move from QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Desktop version, follow the operation step by step as follows:

  • Open the company file you need in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
  • Now you have to create a copy of your company file for Windows
  • Now Go to the File menu then select Utilities and Now select To QuickBooks for Windows
  • In the Save As option, type a name for the file. For the Where field, you have to select Desktop and Save
  • It is important to Rename the company file to avoid overwriting the updated copy.
  • Send the backup to the Windows machine using any of the external storage devices like DVD, external hard drive, flash drive, etc.,
  • Now you have to restore the backup in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows
  • Go to File menu, then select Open or Restore Company.
  • Select Restore a backup copy (.qbb) and Next.
  • Now select Local backup and click Next.
  • Select the backup from the location you saved and select Open.
  • When asked to update the file to the new version, type yes, then OK.

Final Words:-

You successfully moved your files from Mac to QuickBooks. If you find any difficulties to perform any of the above steps, feel free to contact the QuickBooks Technical Support line. Expert help will be offered for you to overcome the difficulties you face in QuickBooks.

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