QuickBooks for Mac discontinued, what are the alternatives?

With thriving advancements in the way, we use devices, gadgets today firms are coming up with newer ways to tap into real-time issues. One such issue that a lot of businesses have been facing is the way they managed their accounts.

Bookkeeping has always been a difficult task even for the ones who hailed from the same field. Balancing the sheet and the accounts is not an easy task at all. It requires careful considerations here and there. But with newer and improved software like QuickBooks, you can widen the scope and definition of bookkeeping. Everything happens with a click and online. One needs to just enter in the numbers while the rest will be taken care of by the software.

The best part is that it comes with varying operating systems. But one could question that if QuickBooks for Mac is discontinued, what are the alternatives? You have hit the right link to read and know more about the same.

The reason behind getting the alternatives:

The reasons behind getting the alternatives are the news which has been doing the rounds. It has been in the news and few announcements have hinted about the discontinuance of either the QuickBooks for Mac discontinued or a few of its features.

Usually, the makers of any software find it difficult to make universal software that is compatible with every operating system in an efficient manner. Similarly, the QuickBooks software is although the best to handle accounting, it has had several issues in its operation for Mac users.

Also, the makers have made it clear that the existing system will work and their updates will be available until May 2019 only. It is due to this reason that people are seeking better alternatives for this wonderful software. You can call the QuickBooks support helpline on for more help and an official confirmation on this.

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The available alternatives for mac:

The alternatives begin from the existing software of QuickBooks itself. If you update QuickBooks online software, then ensure to use this phenomenal software for managing your accounts. This will be available until the makers don’t announce any further discontinuance of the software.

Other than this software there is a lot of other software available to do your job of bookkeeping. They are-

  • Home Bank
  • Quicken
  • Manager
  • Tryton
  • Web ERP
  • Ledger
  • Xero
  • Fresh books
  • Wave
  • Zoho books
  • Zip books

Few of these come for free while others might have some small amount of fees as a monthly amount. They come up with their pros and cons. One must research well before getting any of these. It is due to the fact that each one of them is curated with more or less a particular group of businesses. So choosing your business and the one that is compliant with your needs is the best.

Also the operating system you might be working with and the type of client you might be having can also be a deciding factor. It makes sense as this will lessen the number of technical issues in sharing of any file or other details.

There are always options for everything. One just needs to look deeply and should be able to search about the same. So even if one thing did not work, you shouldn’t wait for the other one to happen miraculously to you. Especially the life of the software, the electronic systems are usually short-lived. You can’t trust them for decades, also because every other day some new technology keeps popping up. This leads to a complete change in the existing ones.

Final Words:-

The whole point is to keep evolving with the systems, technologies and not getting stuck up with the ones you have or you know. One can always call QuickBooks support.

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