QuickBooks File Manager Application

What are the Features and Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager Application?

QuickBooks File Manager is said to operate independently that is, a standalone app for QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant. It holds the information in a secured manner. The QuickBooks File Manager records the company files together with the password and username. This app permits to the import of the client’s QuickBooks files to enhance from one QuickBooks version to the other.

It is a useful tool for those who are an accountant, ProAdvisor, Bookkeeper, or anyone who works with several versions of QuickBooks comprising of multiple files.

Featuresof QuickBooks File Manager Application

1. Merge and manage client folders

  • Based on the clients you can view the grouped client list into preferred groups.
  • You can also group the files according to the year by itself in the Groups drop-down list, with the help of QuickBooks File Manager.
  • By clicking Delete Current group, you can remove the particular group.
  • Select Groups in that, choose Add/Edit groups. So that, you can manage the groups.
  • To search the clients, you can select the search option in the menu.
  • To merge the client folders. Choose two folders, right-click them and select merge option.
  • When a client is chosen from the client list, all the information related to the client gets populated into the files tab. If the file is opened through the file manager, then the information tab displays the information about that file.

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2. Features of Batch Upgrade

  • When upgrading from one QuickBooks version to other versions, the Batch upgrade works as a powerful feature.
  • It helps in time consumption since you can select multiple company files. List your files along with the version of that file.

3. Features of Password Vault

  • The Password Vault is one the important feature. All the information of any company’s file present in the system will be stored.
  • To manage the passwords of your company file visit the File Manager Application.
  • It permits you to store login, password information for each client in a secured manner.
  • It is to note that features through password vault may work only for client files.
  • Also, you can manage the password vault login information through File Manager Application.
  • The benefits of password vault include easy access of files, easy to switch between the accounts.

Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager

1. Backup

  • The QuickBooks File Manager has a backup system that saves your directories and settings.
  • You could restore the backup option if there is any data loss.

2. Flexibility in working with clients

  • Helps to manage the file types that you receive from the clients.
  • Efficiently communicate with your clients in managing the transactions.
  • Changes made for the client to add in company’s file makes easier.

3. Time Saving Tools

  • Fixing of incorrect sales tax payments.
  • Rearranging the number of transactions at once.
  • Troubleshoot the inventory issues in less time.
  • Identify the changes done to the QuickBooks software.
  • Clear off the balances present in the Undeposited Funds account.

The QuickBooks File Manager which is a standalone app, this File Manager will be suitable if you work on various versions of QuickBooks on multiple files. QuickBooks Support.

Since the QuickBooks File Manager was designed to be user-friendly, it allows the program featured to be enabled at a click of a button. I hope, this article helps you to easily understand the features and benefits of QuickBooks File Manager.


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