QuickBooks error code C=1304

How to Resolve QuickBooks error code C=1304

QuickBooks is an accounting, cloud-based software which is used to track the income and financial records of the business. The main users of QuickBooks are small and medium-sized businesses. However, QuickBooks shows some errors. One such error of QuickBooks is QuickBooks error code C=1304.

Introduction to QuickBooks error code C=1304

QuickBooks error code C=1304 pops up when a user is installing or updating QuickBooks software. The error message prompts: “Error writing to file(filename)”. In this case, the user must check that he has access to that directory. QuickBooks error code C=1304 is generally known as Installation Error.

What causes C=1304?

The reasons for QuickBooks Error C=1304 are following:

1. QuickBooks Error C=1304 is caused by using a damaged compact disc (CD) to install the software.

2. Another reason is that the Microsoft .net software package has been damaged or become missing from the user’s computer.

3. The CD Drive has become damaged or is not working on the user’s computer system.

As QuickBooks error code C=1304 is called an Installation Error, other errors may pop up during installation. These errors are:

  • QuickBooks Error C=9
  • QB Error C=21
  • QuickBooks Error C=342

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Steps to resolve QB error code C=1304

Solution 1: Use Installation CD

In the first solution, the user can take the help of a QuickBooks Installation CD. The steps are:

1. Firstly, place the genuine QuickBooks Installation CD into the CD Drive.

2. After that, the installer will show automatically, exit it.

3. Now, move towards Explorer. This can be done by clicking right-click on the Windows Start Button.

4. Meanwhile, a folder is to be made on the user’s desktop with the name of QBInstall.

5. Reach for the CD Drive. Copy and paste the installation files in the QBInstall folder, which is located on the user’s desktop.

6. Once again, give a try to install QuickBooks. This time from the QBInstall folder.

7. Follow the instructions as prescribed step-by-step. Click on “OK” and “Yes” to fasten up the installation process.

8. The user must wait to get over the installation.

9. Finally, hit the QuickBooks icon. If the error persists, then, the user must move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Manual Restore of QuickBooks error code C=1304

The second solution in solving QuickBooks error code C=1304 is Manual Restoration. The steps are:

1. Firstly, the user should restart the computer.

2. Secondly, login to the system as the System Administration.

3. After that, go for the Windows Key on the keyboard. Then, move to All Program>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.

4. In the System Restore, the user has to select “Restore my computer to an earlier time.”

5. Fetch a date to which the user wants to restore the computer system.

6. And then, click on Next.

7. Go as per the instructions reflecting on the screen. Choose appropriate responses according to the situation.

8. The last step is to reboot the computer system as the restore process has come to its point.

Solution 3: Use Reimage Repair Tool

The final solution in QB error code C=1304 is to use Reimage Repair Tool. Next, the free downloaded tool will help the user in:

  • Scanning the error
  • Detecting the error
  • Repairing the error.

The steps are below:

  1. Firstly, download the latest and updated version of Reimage Repair Tool.
  2. After that, install the software.
  3. Move towards the download folder. Click on the setup file to start the process of installation.
  4. After installing the tool on the user’s system, run the scan for any errors.
  5. Meanwhile, a report will be generated by the tool showing all the errors and bugs.
  6. To fix these errors and bugs, click on “Start Repair”.
  7. Finally, the user must restart the computer system, as the repairing process show its end.

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