QuickBooks Error 6150

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6150

QuickBooks is certainly the best accounting and payroll software for the company. However, in many cases, the user when opening the company file will see Error 6150. This is the common QuickBooks error while creating or open the company file. There are many reasons why QuickBooks Error 6150 occurs.

Some of the possible reasons for QuickBooks Error 6150 are-

  • The company file is damaged and you attempting to take the backup of the same
  • The QuickBooks setup is damaged
  • Attempting to open a portable file, but the software wasn’t open
  • Due to some changes in the QuickBooks company file extension.
  • You might be attempting to restore a QuickBooks for Macintosh backup file for Windows
  • Malware infection will corrupt Windows system files

Some of the symptoms you get when QuickBooks Error 6150-

  • Computer keeps crashing by showing 6150 while running the same program
  • Error 6150 appears while the Window is active
  • The system keeps freezing every second time
  • You need to keep checking when the Error 6150 message appears, so it helps in troubleshooting the problem

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

How to fix QuickBooks Error 6150?

There are different solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 6150. Some of the solutions are mentioned below-

Solution 1-

  • Firstly, the change in the QuickBooks files location
  • Find the QuickBooks extension file to open the folder having company files
  • Paste it on the desktop and Copy file by O the Desktop
  • Open and restore the existing company and move it to the desktop
  • While holding the control key, do open the QuickBooks. And, a No Company Open Window appears on the screen.

In case, if the problem persists after following the first solution, then try out solution 2.

Solution 2-

  • Open the sample company file having no issues
  • In case, there is a problem in the file and shows an error. Then it is the indication that it needs repair.

Solution 3-

  • In this solution, you need to use Auto Data Recovery copy
  • Recover the backup from the error occurred. You can even restore the Auto Data Recovery copy of the company file.

Connect with Experts-

In case, if any of these solutions don’t work, then connect with QuickBooks Desktop Support to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6150. By connecting with experts, you can get all the details in real-time and complete the process to access the software.

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