QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021 Edition

Learn What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021 Edition

In this article, we are going to talk about the features that the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has to offer to its users.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021 is the brand new version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. This one is the newest update of the same and is considered to contain the most advanced features and tools for the users.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier

Multi-Monitor Support

When you make use of Multi-Monitor, you are not only going to increase productivity, it will also permit you to use QuickBooks Desktop on up to three monitors. You may now place your customer list on one screen when building invoices on the second or third monitor. You can also personalize your monitor setup according to your preferences and add more insights from seeing more reports together.

If you want to enjoy other such features, you must make use of QuickBooks on different screens or even a multi-monitor mode.

Search in Chart of Accounts

Look for an account or sub-account very quickly along with an added search bar in the Chart of Accounts section. You may also do a search by Account name or Account number, creating a massive Chart of Accounts that is very efficient and systematic to manage.

Cash/Accrual Toggle

Try to interpret your business from various angles in the same report. Even if you click once in the report window, you may switch to Cash or Accrual basis and efficiently switch back and forth between the two.

Note: While viewing Reports, you may not be able to use this feature, as it is unavailable there.

Past Due Stamp

Grab clients who will be ready to pay you faster with the means of a Past Due Stamp for invoices. QuickBooks can automatically add a past due notice on overdue invoices for emailing or printing. In case you don’t desire to add the notice to a particular invoice, just toggle the notice off with a single click. It will help well.

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Inventory Reports

Add flexibility and insight to your business by using the latest customizable inventory reports and grab the opportunity of better tracking your inventory with additional fields.

The three customizable reports are given below:

  1. Inventory Valuation Summary
  2. Inventory Stock Status by Item
  3. Assembly Shortage (available only in Enterprise)

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Copy and Paste Line Keyboard shortcuts

After that, copying and pasting lines in an invoice gets better with the different features in it. Be a lot more efficient with this now and perform the steps given below:
Step 1: Apply Ctrl+Alt+Y to copy a line
Step 2: Apply Ctrl+Alt+V to paste a line on an invoice

Webmail Enhancements

Enjoy the updated security along with some extremely improvised multi-factor authentication while sending emails from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and Windows Live via QuickBooks Desktop.

Merge Duplicate Vendors (Premier Accountant)

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2021 is also available with the latest Merge Duplicate Vendors feature that permits the users to combine up to four vendors, consolidate all transactions to a master vendor, and update information as required and easily.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QB Desktop Enterprise comprises all Pro/Prem features and the following enhancements to Advanced Inventory:

Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning

With Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanners you may also speed up your picking process and decrease the data entry mistakes. Furthermore, you may send sales orders to workers on the floor, scan the inventory inside a warehouse, and transfer the data without the help of wires. This functions across many warehouses or anywhere that has a proper internet connection.

Improved Sales Order Management

Mobilize your employees and impress your clients with improved sales order management! Prioritize urgent sales orders, view important information, and check sales order status in real-time for your customers while giving your employees the power to fulfill sales order tasks.

Inventory Picking

Fulfill sales orders quickly with the help of a new picking process. Build customized pick-lists completed by warehouse workers across multiple locations, and check the status in real-time.

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