QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting vs QuickBooks Online, Which Is Better?

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting vs QuickBooks Online, Which Is Better?

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting vs QuickBooks Online details, QuickBooks Online is one of the newest Intuit products to make accounting solutions easier for different kinds of businesses. This accounting software is cloud-based that is entirely controlled and supervised by Intuit. QuickBooks is regarded as a complete achievement when the future importance of the Clouds is considered. When we talk about Cloud, there is another thing that is available for the users in the form of QuickBooks Hosting.

QuickBooks Hosting is basically having the Desktop version of QuickBooks on-based servers. The server generally belongs to a third-party hosting service supplier In this way, every cloud benefits, mainly – remote accessibility, real-time collaboration, etc. are attained. Since QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting vs QuickBooks Online is advanced and new accounting software than QuickBooks Online, hosted mode seems to be a more able solution on many fronts.

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In case you are confused between choosing QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online then the following table should be able to help you choose one.

FeaturesQuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Hosting
Total QuickBooks Desktop FeaturesNoYes
Usage Similarity With QuickBooks DesktopNoYes
Dedicated Training RequirementsYesNo
Anytime, Anywhere AccessYesYes
Mobile and Cross-device AccessYesYes
Plan ChargesFixed By IntuitScalable with Service Providers
Better Lead and Inventory CenterNoYes
Shipping ManagerNoYes
QuickBooks Statement WriterYesYes
The convenience of Add-ons IntegrationYesYes
Speed of ProcessingSlower than QB on DesktopFaster and Depends On Server
Data Sync with Local MachineYesYes
Automated BackupYesYes
Real-time Multi-User CollaborationYesYes
User Permission ControlYesYes
Additional Application HostingNoYes
HelpProvided by IntuitDepends on Service Provider

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This comparison table above helps you to understand the general difference between both incredible accounting solutions. The variation will occur in magnified form when you dig further into the usage and version features.

Those who help QuickBooks Online develop have been unable to accomplish the level that they have offered to the Desktop version. In this way, the usability of QuickBooks Online feels inferior on the performance metrics basis when compared with the Desktop version. Since QuickBooks Hosting has the more proper solutions for the accounting professionals and businesses searching for working things out rapidly.

The importance of accounting on the cloud for businesses is massive and evolving. For now, when QuickBooks Online is still getting better, the easier pick seems to QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting – for it does not require major modifications in usability from the desktop version and still all the advantages of cloud are available.

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