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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3003?

QuickBooks is accounting software, by Intuit services, which helps to maintain transaction records and keeps records of bill payments as well. You need to create a backup of the company files data so that you will not lose the data while resolving the issue. The best possible way of backing up your QuickBooks data is by syncing the files with QuickBooks. Sometimes, while syncing QuickBooks data users may encounter QuickBooks Error 3003 and the sync fails. A lot of ways to resolve the error are discussed in this article.

What is QuickBooks Error 3003 and how is it displayed?

When a user tries to sync the data with Intuit services, the sync fails and QuickBooks Error Code 3003 occurs. Hence, all the data is not uploaded, and when retrying it shows the same error again.

You may face “QuickBooks Error 3003” because of one of the following reasons.

  1. Closing QuickBooks sync manager before completing the sync.
  2. Overloaded RAM, disk usage and CPU can cause the error.
  3. If you can’t sync the files, the error appears.

How to solve QuickBooks Error 3003?

  • Reboot the computer – Rebooting computer will force close the application interfering with the syncing process. If rebooting resolves the issue, but the error is consistently showing up, check which application is interfering with the program.
  • Review the process in task manager –
  1. Firstly, click on Sync now button.
  2. Open Task manager, Select Processes tab.
  3. Look for exe process, see if it is running.
  4. If it is not available in the processes list, contact QuickBooks Tech Support Team for assistance.

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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 3003 –

  1. Update Windows – Error can be caused if the Windows is missing some major updates. To update the Windows:
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Select Update and Security. Select Windows Update.
  4. Install the Windows Update and try again.
  5. Disable antivirus or Windows Defender – If you have currently installed any antivirus program or have updated Windows, the antivirus or Windows Defender blocks programs to take necessary actions.
  6. Remove any recently installed application – If you have recently installed any application please try to uninstall or force stop it. This application might be prohibiting the services and blocking the syncing process.
  7. Close unnecessary applications – Close all the unwanted applications running in the background. These may be overloading your RAM, Disk Usage and CPU memory.

Reinstall QuickBooks –

  1. Firstly, uninstall the currently running QuickBooks from the Control Panel.
  2. Have your product and license information available.
  3. Meanwhile, download the version of QuickBooks you want to use in your computer or insert CD.
  4. Install QuickBooks following the normal procedure.
  5. Fill out your product and license information.
  6. Finally, try syncing your data again.

 The above procedures, if followed properly, you will be able to resolve QuickBooks Error 3003.

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